Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 176: Procrastination at its best

So... Devin and Yuko are staying with me on Sunday and I am SUPPOSED to be cleaning, but instead have spent most of the night just putting off tidying up my room. First I had dinner, then I watched some So You Think You Can Dance, and then, just as I was going to start putting away laundry, I started practicing the ukulele. I get sidetracked easily. (note the mess of laundry in the back)

I bought the ukulele on craigslist sometime in September last year when I was having a really hard time dealing with all the free time I seemed to have on my hands (I know, such a shocker to think that I had free time, right??!) and I had decided to try and learn to play. The first song I had tried to learn was of course "Drop Baby Drop," to which Stad had started trying to teach me to play one time at a party. The goal was to be able to play it within the year... but then my heart got that ass kicking that I've talked about a few times, and I couldn't even bare to pick the darn thing up. It stayed in its box for the most part for several months, and it wasn't until maybe a month ago after months of listening to 311 songs that I decided I would try my hand at it again. I refuse to go back to try and learn "Drop Baby Drop" all over again, but I kind of want to learn some 311 songs and other random stuff that will be fairly easy to play. I know how to play "Sea of Love" (Cat Power style) and when I took the picture, I was practicing my standard fare, which is "Sway" by Bic Runga. A LOT easier to play on the uke than the guitar!!! My hands can deal with four strings!

Now, if only I could master strumming....

I don't have a lot of time for it yet, but I'm very slowly making progress. :)

...and I should probably stop practicing so I can clean my room!!!

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