Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 174: "When I'm Just Trying to Kill Time, I Got My Headphones..."

Riding to work with Rich and Brandon pretty much everyday means I'm going to be listening to a lot of their stuff... Well...since Brandon is almost always in control of the music selection (as is the responsibility of those who ride shotgun..the backseat rider gets to nap...), I usually get a good dose of 311. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that. I've gotten to know their entire discography fairly well and can say with certainty that my favorite albums are "Uplifter" (because it's so pretty) and "Don't Tread On Me" (because it's awesome and harkens me back to Japan days). Brandon argues that we listen to 311 a lot because they're one of the only bands that is so agreeable in our car. We all like it, no one wants to skip, and everyone always feels good...

But some weeks ago, Rich pointed out that listening to other stuff might be fun too, so Brandon started switching it up and we ended up listening to a mix of stuff. The Swellers (Brandon grew up with the guitarist and now they're signed and we went to a concert of theirs with Less Than Jake and it was super awesome), Jape, Cage the Elephant, Bob Marley, some stuff from the Surf's Up soundtrack and a bunch of songs by The Dirty Heads.

The Dirty Heads, I found, are quite enjoyable. Same kind of vibe as Sublime and 311 and Pepper and stuff. Their songs came up so often in our car rides that I ended up downloading their whole album and, as I am prone to do, have had the album playing on my iPod on repeat, basically. This means that lately, everything can be referenced to a Dirty Heads song. There was yesterday's post title, which was from "Knows That I" and now today's. Taken from "Headphones." Maybe I should just do a Dirty Heads themed week or something. But hrmm, I think that kind of thing cannot be planned.

This was just me kind of chilling on the train, half awake, half asleep, just waiting to get to Penn Station so I could make it to dance class on time.

So for now, The Dirty Heads, much like 311, have been what gets me through the work day, follows me home, and keeps me company all throughout my fairly packed schedule with a chipper attitude. :)

Wonder what the next album will be...

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