Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 172: I want new sneakers!!!

So I was waiting for dance class to start at 8, and stopped by a sneaker shop to try on these sneakers I've been eyeing since last week. I really should have just bought them last week because now the only pair they have is a half size too small. I could special order them but that pair will be a half size too big I think. I'm looking for a 6.5 and the smallest size the internet offers is a 7. Though a 7 isn't all that bad either. I just wanted the 6.5 so my feet wouldn't look so huge... I know Brandon wants to buy this pair too, so should I just wait until I find another pair I like? That could take YEARS, since I have not bought a pair of DCs since 2006 (I never found any I liked more than the ones I already had)...

How come boys get all the cool shoes!!!!

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