Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 153: Sanity to be found on Wednesdays at 6

So with my second job at the street fairs on weekends, I basically work 7 days a week. In total, that's over 60 hours of work per week, 20 of which I am entirely on my feet and 40 of which I work in an office paperpushing and stuff... Between having to revise bills of ladings more times than I would care to do so due to errors that may or may not be beyond control and trying to sell jewelry to strangers and whatever other pressures either job entails, it can be easy to get disgruntled and pissed off and hate my life.

But I know that it was my decision to take on all of this and so it is my responsibility to make sure that I don't go nutso at either job and start getting cranky which leads me to being violent... and so comes in dance class. I've mentioned this before (that I take Bollywood Dance Classes at Dhoonya Dance) but especially in the past few weeks, I can't even begin to explain how much coming to class helps with my sanity. The combination of the upbeat Indian music, relatively easy but exhausting dance moves, and my very sweet, awesomely graceful, and really fun dance teacher Priya makes for a very good break in the craziness of my week.

I have to work extra hard to get to class on time on Wednesdays (since I can't go on Saturdays anymore), but it's sooo worth the trouble.

Today, Priya told me I should advance to Techniques class! I don't know if I'm ready to stop doing Bollywood Basics, even though I oddly feel like that kid in high school who had to repeat a grade several times. I know everything better than everyone else in the class, but then again, I've been there for like, four times longer than anyone else has too... Hrmmm.... something to think about...

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