Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 158: random thoughtfulness on the walk home

On my way home from dance class, I saw this sign for Belvedere vodka at a bus stop.

Trust your instincts.

It made me think about the distance from instinct to logic and all that falls in between. How do you choose which to follow? Your gut? Your head? Your heart? Should it be a combination of all three? How do you know one thing about yourself yet realize that the opposite is also true?

What was it that led me to some of the decisions I've made in the past year that got me to where I am now? Did my gut just know things would have turned out worse if I had listened to my heart? Or did my head stop me from following my heart? It's really hard to say what drives us to the pivotal points in our lives. I guess we never really know what it is and just hope whatever helps us along our way is steering us in the right direction...

"I suppose desire isn't linear. There is no straightforward way of going where you want."

Funny how something so mundane as a bus stop could make me pensive.

-- 自分のiPhoneから発送する

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