Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 226: Aimee meets Kristin

Finished purse #1 for the week! Yay!

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Day 225: handwriting sample

We have our calligrapher for our invites! Yay! Lol

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Day 224: hyperactivity at 1 in the morning

Matty was the last one standing at the apt. Everyone was pretty much knocked out. Lol I don't know how he does it!

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Day 223: early start

Decided I would leave for work before 5am to meet Paul for breakfast at 6 so we could go to work at 7 and I could leave at 4! Yay! But it was exhausting! Lol

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Day 222: breakfast at Tiffany's in the park!

Yay!!! My first movie in the park! It was awesome!!! :) ...even though I slept for more than half of it. Lol

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Day 221: back to the old neighborhood

Went back to Arn & Che's place on riverside for dinner and watching Marko Germar, a finalist on so youthink you can dance from Guam and it was a little weird to be soooo far uptown!

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Day 220: hah!

I'm not the only one prone to naps in the lunchroom!

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Day 219: pink nails!

I love pink nails in the summer! :)

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Day 218: panacea

I loooove chickalicious club's panacea green and yellow desserts. They're soooooo dericious!!!

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Day 217: the best face ever

A lot of times, jeff and I don't get to skype anymore because of the lack of computer or Internet bandwidth to do so...but sometimes I get reeeeally lucky. :)

Oh, how I love that face!!

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Day 216: washi tape love

I love washi tape. It's awesome! Lol

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Day 215: panera lunch!

So I won free lunch at panera for five people and they dropped it off at work! So cool!

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Day 214: bedtime exercises

Because I'm too lazy to be upright and exercise sometimes, I just do inner thigh exercises from bed. Lol

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Day 213: mystery present!

I got Jeff's Christmas present and I'm soooo excited. Lol too bad I can't say what it is. Lol

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 212: kissing cousins

Look! My blueberries are kissing! Lol I can just imagine cartoon blueberries making out. Lol

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Day 211: big bubbles!

After sleeping for most of the day (something I haven't done in MONTHS!), I met up with Abby and rosa and we ended up at Tompkins square park where we got to see some cool stuff. Like people in costume and a water balloon fight and a seven year old fight with some kid's mom. Lol but most captivating for me was the big bubbles! Soooo cool! I used to think if you stepped in the soap water and tried to make a bubble and succeeded, you'd float off in it. Obviously I was not aware of physics and how real life does not resemble cartoons at all. Lol

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Day 210: photoblog fail

The problem with living life is that sometimes, you're too busy doing it to document the awesomeness. I was in my first flashmob (Bollywood flashmob no less!) and I only have one (fairly lame) picture of the crowd to show for it. :(

Oh well! Other people caught it on camera and it was soooo fun to be a part of it!!!

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Day 209: papery goodness!

I love searching for wedding stuff! I wish I had enough money to spend on frivolous stuff like paper rosettes like these but there's no way I would if it costs $160!!!! Must get into the wedding industry. For real!!!!

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Day 208: working like a dog lol

Jane, our receptionist at work, is soooo good at her job that even her dog works hard. Lol

Closes files and transfers calls and everything!

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Day 207: only sheer exhaustion

...would lead me to misspell banana and not notice for several weeks. Lol

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Day 206: flashmob practice!

Yes, there's practice time for when we prepare to do a flashmob. Lol it's awesome. :)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 205: dual screens at work--baller!!!

Yay! Finally got work to agree to give me dual screens! Soooo awesome!!! Lol

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Day 204: I hate laundry

The worst part about doing laundry is folding it and putting it away. So until I'm married, I get to leave it on the bed for as long as I want. Lol

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Day 203: reem acra, I love you!

I got to go to Reem Acra's flagship boutique to try on wedding dresses. Omg, I wish I had thousands of dollars at my disposal. Just so I could have the wedding dress of my dreams...
It was wonderful to see and try on a dress I'd been obsessing about for years though! :)

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Day 202: my lucky day

So first I won a free catered lunch for five at panera and then!! When I went to the sublime with Rome and 311 concert, I won upgraded seats to see 311!!! It was sooo awesome! Nick Hexum is so hot up close. Lol

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Day 201: frolicking in the water

They plugged up the fountain at washington square park so that it turned into a mini pool that people can cool off in! How fun!!

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Day 200: from the bed

I took a pic of basically anything I could before I finally passed out after my loooooong night of sewing and looooonger day at the office.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 199: I'm a purse making bad ass

I stayed up all night to make two purses in one sitting. It was ridiculous and it hurt so bad working at the office for 9 hours then going to dance class after but it was SO worth it. I can't wait til I can spend more time focusing on sewing!!!

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Day 198: rotary cutter!

I finally got to use my rotary cutter and it is amazing!!!!

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Day 197: food truck rally!!

I finally got to really see a bevy of food trucks! And it was delicious!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 196: no class = good hair day

Apparently, my fitness class got moved an hour later and I didnt know, so I just fixed my hair in the locker room and left. Lol

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Day 195: waiting to see Harry!

Since we didn't buy tickets on time, me and Abby decided to just see the 3 am showing. This is us super excited to see it! Lol

Doing a 3am showing of Harry Potter and then pretty much going straight to work was the best and worst idea ever. Lol

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Day 194: the last of the madness

After ten years of movies coming out, the Harry Potter movies are finally done... No more lines starting at 8pm for a midnight showing with people dressed in hogwarts least I got to see that insanity once. Lol

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Day 193: random luck

So I was riding home in a cab from Brooklyn and on my way out, I was checking to see if I left anything...obviously, the person before me did not do the same as they left a gilt promo gift plus $100 gift card in the back seat. Score!!!!

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Day 192: walking with Abby

My friend Abby just moved here so on top of train stations just feeling gross and hot, she's not as familiar with trains so we walk pretty much everywhere. It's pretty cool because I see lots of random what looks like a hippie center. Lol

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 191: doggy water fountain

NYC people can be so nice to others sometimes. One store owner put out a bowl of cold water for dogs to drink because it was sooooo hot outside. How thoughtful!

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Day 190: an afternoon with Dohn

One of my family's oldest friends came to NYC for a visit...there was a lot of touristy action involved...this is probably the only pic I have of him smiling slightly. Lol

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 189: the ridiculousness of times square

Went into a camera shop on times square and saw that their price tags looked like this:


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Day 188: I missed it!

This couple was kissing in the rain and I'd hoped they'd do it long enough for me to catch it but I didn't. :( it was cute though. On a random dirty street in NYC, they just stopped, and he dipped her as he kissed her. She had great form! Lol

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 187: "4 lobster rolls please!"

Went to the food truck parking lot and was kind of disappointed with how few trucks there were...BUT!!!

Lobster roll! Yay!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 186: breakfast of champions

We usually have donuts on Wednesdays from Doughnut plant, but rich was suuuuper late and I was super hungry.

Mmmm nothing like seaweed to tide you over! Lol

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 185: I need..

Better eating habits...

but Wendy's is sooo delicious!!!

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Day 185: lonely 4th

It's crazy to think that a year has already passed when I still remember last 4th of July like it just happened. I quit my street fair job, met up with Rich, Jen, Sean, Jeremy, Vanessa and Jeff for a 4th of July barbecue and later, after much trepidation (on Jeff's part, lol) and getting through most of Shallow Hal (for him, again, since I was half asleep and more lazily amused watching Jeff himself through half closed eyes), he finally took my hand.

It was a pretty quiet moment; music didn't swell when it happened or anything...(**edit: just to was quiet in how it happened in reality...but was, in retrospect and in my head, a huge life altering moment as my heart fluttered in the moment that he took my hand) And though I'm guessing his fears ended when i let him take my hand in his, mine had just begun. Lol

So silly now to think I was scared of getting in too deep with him and of letting go and worrying that I wasn't ready for a relationship. And funny to think about how much time and effort it took on his part to break down the walls I had wanted to put up...

That was the night I started to really let him in...and then he never left. :)

It's a year later and we're still apart while we wait out his last few months in afghanistan... And my hand misses his holding mine!

...but at least I know we'll have next year and the rest of our lives to hold each other's hand. :)

Yay! Lol

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Day 184: sprinkles!

Had brunch with Stad, Abby and Leah (who I hadn't seen in ten years...!!!) and then, when stad had to go to work (crazy lawyers), the three of us walked to sprinkles for some cupcakes! :)

We couldn't decide on one flavor so we bought a bunch and just shared. Lol

There were no forks, so we just used coffee stirrers. Lol

The awesome part of the day was getting to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in so long, and realizing that it wasn't awkward to hang out even though so much time can pass! :)
That and none of us has changed much in ten years. Lol

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Day 183: Zum Schneider

Went to my very first German restaurant to hang out with some old high school friends. I'd make for a terrible beer drinker. Mine is the smallest one. Filled with apple spritzer. Lol

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Day 182: what's all the fuss?

Went to meet Jen & Abby at union square to celebrate getting out early. I saw a huge crowd of people gathered at the park...but never bothered to find out why. Lol

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Day 181: stuck at home

Called in sick and spent the whole day in bed and alternating between conscious and unconscious states. The worst is knowing it's soooo nice out and not being able to go and enjoy it. For the first time EVER, there was sunlight streaming through my window!!! There's never sunlight streaming through it! What a waste of a day in bed. :(

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Day 180: sick! :(

Caught my first cold in what seems like forever and now totally miserable!!
The worst part?? I had to drive myself home! Such a struggle to make it through the traffic!

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Day 179: flavaboom!

Went to get frozen yogurt with Natasha and her niece and spent a good hour and a half eating delicious flavaboom chocolate and strawberry frozen yogurt with brownie bits and pb cups while giving a poor teenager some probably really inappropriate advice. Lol

So fun!

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Day 178: ninja keys

Soooo I left my regular set of keys in Jersey and had to use my spare set with the ninja keychain. Soooo fun to play with! I made him do all kinds of funny poses. This one is his versatility pose because depending on how you look at it, he could be doing yoga, or like a cheerleading herky or whatever, or attacking in mid air with a kick, or in the middle of a pirouette, or scaling a wall or trying to get through those crazy laser alarms, the possibilities are endless! :)

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