Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 177: Atlantic city...

Spent the day in Atlantic City with the fambam...it was cool, but I am definitely spoiled by Guam beaches... This was just not as impressive...lol

It was a fun day though!! :)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 176: crane folding party..

Rich and Naomi are getting married in September and for their wedding, they wanted a thousand cranes folded. It's a Japanese tradition where 1000 cranes = a wish granted, and when couples get married, they fold a thousand for good luck...considering the extreme amount of time and effort it would take for the two of them to do alone, they decided to hold a crane folding party!

It took a while, but we got into a groove and managed to fold 500 by the end of the night...

Pretty sure I can't feel my fingers...

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Day 175: viva el toro!

On a whim, a bunch of people from the office decided to go out to a bar in williamsburg that had a mechanical bull you can ride. Made for a very entertaining night...!

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Day 174: subway skies

I love walking out of the subway and seeing the trees against a not-quite-nighttime-but-definitely-not-daytime sky blue...it's just sooo pretty!

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Day 173: only in NYC I think

...do they move furniture and stuff by going through the balcony and levying it down...

It's practically an art form how they did that!! And no one dropped anything and they were soooo careful!

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Day 172: missed my stop

...so I decided instead of transferring back to the uptown, i'd just walk home from there...except I was in williamsburg. Not exactly the best idea since I didn't get home til about 1030 and was already tired to begin with...but at least it was a nice night...

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Day 171: lunch!

Peanut butter and strawberry sandwich! Sounds weird but think of it as a healthier version of peanut butter and jelly. Lol

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Day 170: skype date with my parents

So my parents had a skype date with Jeff (I find it hilariously cute that my mom and dad had a skype date not with me, but with Jeff...), and while they were waiting for him to call, my dad, not realizing what time it was, saw me online and thought that meant I was actually up and at my computer so he decided he'd call me...at 5 in the morning. Lol

I hardly ever skype with my parents because of the time difference, so I thought I'd stay on until Jeff was supposed to call at 540... But the Internet was down and he couldn't skype them so I ended up spending the next hour or so helping my parents set up gchat to talk to him and then watching them as they chatted with him. It was soooo cute how my dad dictated the words and my mom typed...all so they can get to know their future son-in-law...

It's new territory for my parents, this inability to meet the man their child is going to marry...but I appreciate the effort they're making to get to know him somehow and how Jeff will gladly oblige...it makes me realize how much love I have in my life...it's not an easy situation, but they're both trying and that means the world to me..:)

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Day 169: back to work!

Bought some new liner fabric for a purse I'm working on...olive green charmeuse...such a rich color! And so happy I got the last of it (only 5/8 yard left!)...Time to get moving...

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Day 168: Friday night exhaustion...

Is it sad that I don't do much on Fridays because I'm too tired? And does it make it worse that I'm actually too exhausted to care? Lol

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 167: doughnut plant line!

Grrr I hate lines!!! And I hate when people take FOREVER!!! Three people ahead of me at a doughnut shop should not have taken thirty minutes...and it's not because the doughnut lady was slow! I hate when customers get there and are like, "ummmmm....what should I get...?" grrrrrrrr

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Day 166: from far away

One of the shitty things about jeff being far away is that we don't get to see each other all the time...so instead I send pictures. I'm finding out that love is all about never getting tired of wanting to see that same face...

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Day 165: mannequins

How fitting that the mannequin showroom is Bollywood themed right out by where I take Dhoonya classes? :)

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Day 164: sheer exhaustion

This is what happens on a Monday afternoon when you take a seven hour nap on Sunday, wake up at 1130pm and find you can't go to bed so proceed to read Harry potter 7 all night and then go straight to work.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 163: good hair day

Went to Governor's Island for Figment (some art exhibit thing) with the fambam and it was such a fun day of silliness and laughter!

I think I laughed hardest walking down the street behind arn & Cheryl. A bunch of the family went into the costume tent and walked out with matching "caught in the rain" wigs and wore them allllll day. The hilarious part was seeing this and realizing Daj wasn't wearing a wig. Lol

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 162: me loves yogurt

Could be worse. I could be addicted to ice cream. Or crack. Lol

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Day 161: ummm...

The less said about this, the better. Lol

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Day 160: my first check

...For Love and Sunshine!

I made my first real sale weeks ago to my manager for a last minute mother's day present but this was an actual order placed by a friend in San Francisco and she sent me my first check! I waited a week or so to cash it until I was almost done with the purse...it's crazy to think I'm getting paid to make purses! It makes it real and kind of scary! I work really hard to do a good job and make something I'm proud of, but I'm also really scared to put myself out there. I guess I'm just more of a perfectionist than I thought.

I just hope that all my customers know (both current and potential) that I spend hours at my table thinking about the outcome of their purses and that I care very much about making purses that they will love. :)

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 159: why...

Are all the comfy looking shoes not all that pretty/cute? :(

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Day 158: McD's so swanky

Yep that's a mcdonalds!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157: lazy

Just soooo tired, but the sewing table awaits!!!

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Day 156: back to the sewing board...

After a month "vacation," it's back to work for me!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 155: fancy brunch...

Corn meal buttermilk pancakes with sautéed apricots and peaches, applewood smoked bacon and an ancho maple syrup. So fancy that they weren't pancakes, they were panqueques. Lol

I'm cool with that, but ain't nothin' wrong with regular pancakes. Lol

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Day 154: like brand new

Rich got his mom's BMW all fixed and washed and it looked awesome! Such a sweet ride!

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Day 153: topless...

It's the only way to drive in such beautiful weather!

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Day 152: old school cars!

I love vintage cars! Vintage anything, really!

Men in Black III is filming on Rich's street and so theres seriously old cars lining Livingston and Court St. Sooo cool! My favorite was the Studebaker (which I have no pics of) but a close second was this cab!

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Day 151: bye flat Stanley!

Sending Flat Stanley back to Korea... I'll miss the company! :(

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Day 150: flat stanley goes to long island

Spent memorial day lounging by the pool and flat Stanley loved being in the sun! Welcome, summer!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 149: Flat Stanley goes to New Jersey

We went to go hang out with the fambam and soak up some sun. Too bad Kinji was passed out for most of the day. He even had his rashguard on! Flat Stanley tried to wake up Kinji but he was not having it. Lol

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Day 148: times square

Me and Flat Stanley played super tourist and went all around the city. You can't visit NYC without seeing Times Square at least once!

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Day 147: Flat Stanley and the ghetto

I took flat Stanley out for lunch to see Jamaica. I don't think Flat Stanley was impressed. Lol

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