Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 328: Puzzle Fighter always brings good memories...

Spent the night before Thanksgiving with Rich and Brandon just hanging out and playing Super Puzzle Fighter... I find that my history with the game is filled with nothing but goodness...

Like discovering the game on the original Playstation (which I still have in my possession) with my siblings when I was like, fourteen (almost half a lifetime ago! oh geez!!) and having these huge tournaments well into the night with all my cousins. (My sister was champion a lot.) I love how as teenagers, we all kept each other out of trouble by just hanging out together and doing random "cousin activities" like piling into my sister's four runner (I always ended up in the trunk area by myself) and going bowling or to eat seafood spaghetti at Capricciosa or hanging out at someone's house watching tv or playing video games. We could have been losers, but surprisingly enough, I think we all turned out fairly social/well adjusted and I don't think any of us ever got judged for hanging with family all the time...

After high school, I don't think I revisited the game until after I graduated college and moved to Japan. I went home to visit my brother and he relinquished the Playstation and all games to me (Puzzle Fighter was really the only one I wanted. And maybe Point Blank. If he had Time Crisis, I would have wanted it too, but I think my sister took that when she got married)...And one day, when me and my friend Devin were suuuper broke but wanted to hang out, we ended up spending twelve hours playing Puzzle Fighter...most of which I spent kicking his ass. haha

I took it home to Vegas for Christmas that same year and dethroned my sister as champion. Woooo hahaha That was also the same time we introduced the game to my nephew AJ...and how he learned to trash talk. ("You like that, Auntie Joyce?? Eat that!!!" lol We had to begrudgingly reteach him how to be a good sport.)

You can now download Puzzle Fighter on the Playstation 3, which is what Rich did one night last year when we were jonesing for it...and we've played it sporadically ever since.

...Like that one random Saturday night this past summer where I stayed at Rich's until 4 in the morning, taking turns playing this game...not just because it's fun and I like it, but because I wanted to sit next to a certain boy for as long as I could, holding hands when the two of us weren't playing the game. I almost wanted us both to lose our turn each time....:)

These are things I think about when I play each time. I love in life how there are certain parts that never lose its magic or its good feelings. I feel like there are so many things that lose its luster as we get older. We become disillusioned about things; our perfect bubbles get burst; our innocence gets lost....but that there is always something that will stay awesome when you revisit it throughout the years...well, that's the kind of stuff that makes life great. :)

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