Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 314: antigravity yoga and me

My friend Pooja's answer to battling loneliness while Jeff is away is to go to yoga class... I'm not that much into yoga, but hey, I'll try pretty much anything. That's what this year is about, right? And anyway, if not for my openness to try new things, I might not have even met Pooj, and she's awesome. :)

Soooo... antigravity yoga it is! For anyone confused as to what antigravity yoga is, it is basically yoga that you do with a sling/hammock that is suspended to the ceiling. Some of the positions (like the goddess pose) are done while you're sitting IN the hammock (which is pretty cool and feels like you're floating on air) and some of the stuff (like the warrior pose) are done on the floor with the help of the sling to keep you balanced...

I'm only doing a one week trial (to be on the safe side and not to spend unnecessary moneys in case I absolutely hate it), and so far, it's definitely interesting! Though quite daunting since I walked in and my teacher, while nice, did not offer any comforting words. She basically told me I was in for it. LOL and goodness was I in for it. Hanging upside down is a challenge!

I will say, however, that it was pretty cool and a lot more entertaining than the yoga I know about. It's pretty challenging, and I'm sore as all hell this morning, but I'd do it again! Which I am. Tonight. Because I paid for a one week trial and I am going to make it worth my moneys. And maybe tonight I won't get someone who will yell at me (out of concern that I would crack my head open after falling) when I get the upside down pose wrong the first time. haha (I finally got it right, btw, after her demonstrating the pose again, and it felt like an awesome accomplishment that I got it right! wooooooo!)

I'm going to ask the new teacher straight up beforehand if I can take a picture of us when we're all upside down. It will make for an awesomer blog post than just my hot yoga teacher posing in the sling...

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