Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 324: Burlesque Bikini Boot Camp

In the spirit of 2010, I took another random class. Most of my classes have been fitness related, and I find that I thoroughly enjoy looking for different ways to "cheat" going to the gym and staying healthy.

Fitness flavor of the month? Burlesque Bikini Boot Camp. No, we did not dance around in bikinis. The whole idea behind this class is that you first tone up and do exercises boot camp style (to fit you into a bikini) and then you learn a burlesque dance.

Of all the classes I've taken this year, this had to be the most random one. We started with our "showgirl pose," (one foot in front of the other, toe pointed, chest and ass out, hands up in a V shape) and repeated the mantra of the day. "I am a joy to be loved." lol So awkward to be saying something like that out loud. We then warmed up with some "cutesy burlesque dance moves" that required a red feather boa and a chair and I'm thinking, "yay, I can do this, it's sooo easy and fun." But THEN!!! oh lordy, and then the boot camp section started and it was like, "Pushups! Tricep dips! Wall sit! Sprints! Faster! Harder! Lower!" Kill me. lol

And then we finally stopped and learned a routine set to "Diamonds are Forever" complete with "diamond fingers" (less jazzy than spirit fingers), cat crawling and rhythmic hip thrusting.

So random. Definitely an experience. :)

My teacher (her name was Lady Chardonnay) was a trip.

Only in New York. :)

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