Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 204: happy birthday Arnie!

Starting with my dad, there's just a string of birthdays in my family this week. Next is Arnold.

Growing up, I never used to be so close to Arn. He was always just hanging with my brother and sister and since they thought I was a loser, Arn did too. At best, I was part of the scenery of his life; there as one very quiet piece of his family, never fighting but never close.

It wasn't until I was in my last year in college that we hung out a lot more often. It was strange to find that he missed me when I wasn't around. I think that realization surprised him too...

I'm still probably closer to his sisters, because we've spent more time together, but that entire family is like my second immediate family. Almost as if I have two extra sisters and Arnold, my extra brother. He's here to defend me when I'm hurt, cheer me when I'm sad, help me when in need, sing when I need a partner to do "all cried out" and he's

Happy bimirthday buddy!!

Love love love

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