Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 194: sorry dad!

I'm doing a dance with my Techniques class for Bridge Culture on Saturday, and we had practice today in our costumes. I will take a picture of me in full garb on Saturday, but since I didn't take any pictures today, I thought I would take this time to write a short apology to my dad. Whether or not he will ever read this...

So. Almost nine years ago, I moved to NYC for school. Both my mom and dad were supposed to fly out with me but they were moving out of Guam too and weren't ready when it was time for me to go, so it ended up just being my dad and me... At the very end of my first week in NY, after my dad had help me set up everything and we were saying our goodbyes, my dad had told me something I have always kept in mind. He told me: "you can do whatever you want, just don't wear clothes that show your stomach." this may sound silly to you but I'm guessing Dad knew I wasn't a party animal and that he could trust I understood that to mean that I should be good. Anyway. Aside from one lapse in judgement five years ago on Halloween, I have always heeded dad's words... Until now. Sorry Dad! It's the costume!

But take heart, Dad! I'll wear a sari over it. AND my belly isn't too gross, and I won't partake in any heinous behavior while showing my belly! So in other words, it could be worse! :)

-- 自分のiPhoneから発送する

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