Monday, July 19, 2010

(200) Days of Joy(cie)

Since (500) Days of Summer came out last year, I had really been wanting to see it. Zooey Deschanel is utterly adorable and paired with the also utterly adorable Joseph Gordon Levitt, they're just... an utterly adorable explosion.

Anyway, I never got the chance to see it in the theater, and because I don't Netflix and have not used my Blockbuster membership in years, I never really got to see it on DVD once it came out.

But now that I have been spending more time at the library, I've been borrowing more DVDs from there (I'm finally learning to return shit on time), and came across this it this afternoon. What a cute freaking movie!!!

It's so funny, it's not your run-of-the-mill love story. It's not even a love story. Instead, it's more about the subjectivity a person has in relation to the world around him (especially with regards to this girl he thinks he's in love with). Everything seen through his eyes is just that: his eyes. So when things happen that he can't understand, you don't realize until you see another perspective that all the answers were there all along.

Much like I do with everything that intrigues me, I looked up the movie on the internet after to find out more about the production and the background of the movie and the stories that surround it. This particular section in wikipedia intrigued me:

Director Marc Webb has described the film as more of a "coming of age" story as opposed to a "rom-com". He stated, "We arrive at a different conclusion, for one thing. Plus, most romantic comedies are more loyal to a formula than to emotional truth. It's about happiness, and learning that you'll find it within yourself, rather than in the big blue eyes of the girl in the cubicle down the hall. I wanted to make an unsentimental movie and an uncynical movie. In my mind, I wanted it to be something you could dance to. That's why we put a parenthesis in the title - it's like a pop song in movie form. It's not a big film. It's not about war or poverty. It's about 500 days in a young guy's relationship, but it's no less deserving of scrutiny. When your heart is first broken, it consumes you. And it's an emotion I wanted to make a movie about, before I forgot how it felt".[12] Webb also stated that Deschanel's character, Summer, is based on the stereotype of a manic pixie dream girl; "Yes, Summer has elements of the manic pixie dream girl - she is an immature view of a woman. She's Tom's view of a woman. He doesn't see her complexity and the consequence for him is heartbreak. In Tom's eyes, Summer is perfection, but perfection has no depth. Summer's not a girl, she's a phase."[12] Joseph Gordon-Levitt explained that he was drawn to the role of Tom because of his relatability to the character. "I've had my heart broken before. Truly, truly broken. But when I look back at me in my heartbroken phase, it's pretty hilarious, because it felt so much more extreme than it really was. One of the things I love about (500) Days of Summer is that it doesn't make light of what we go through in romances, but it is honest about it and shows it for what it is, which is often profoundly funny."

I seem to relate to everything these days. And it's so true, what was said about the movie. It feels more dramatic than it really is. I talked to a friend of mine about that. Something so silly as taking off a bracelet means so much to me, but to everyone else, it's just a bracelet. It's pretty hilarious, like I'm a 15 year old trapped in a 26 year old's body (probably the result of all my continuing teeny bopper ways)! Everything is so significant when you go through something that shakes YOUR world. It may not affect anyone else around you, but it changes you, and that changes everything. At least, through your eyes. I once got in a cab a few months ago and my driver ended up being an astrologist... I remember him telling me that I've been too objective about my life, and that I needed to be more subjective to understand. After all, it is MY life. On one hand, it's good to see all sides of the story, but on the other, at some point, I had to experience it and acknowledge my own feelings before I could even begin to really move on. The interesting thing to note is that, once you can let go of your subjectivity, you can look back again with that same sense of objectivity and see the whole picture for what it really was... Some parts can still be as good as you remember, but you'll see and discover things in hindsight about yourself and the experiences that you never thought about before then... And for something like a heartbreak, it truly is funny after you've experienced and then look back...

Tom: She took a giant shit on my face. Literally.
Alison: Literally?
Tom: Well, no, not literally. That's disgusting. Jesus, what's wrong with you!

All very interesting stuff... don't know where it's going, but interesting nonetheless. :) I'll be giggling to myself for a few days just thinking...

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