Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 184: thank goodness for friends and tiki torches

It was a loooong day at street fair work today. One that left me pissed off and annoyed by the end of the day and wishing I had just agreed to early termination.

Lucky for me though, I got to go home to Jeff and Rich and forget my frustrations by way of delicious Italian food and tiki torches at Zombie Hut. FYI tiki torches are shots of 151 topped with a lemon and brown sugar sprinkled on it. It's lit on fire with which you roast your marshmallows and when the fire is out, you eat the lemon, drink the shot and eat the marshmallows. So fancy!

Enough to forget the crappy day.. Except I gotta do it all again tomorrow! Gahhhh :(

-- 自分のiPhoneから発送する

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