Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 301: cuteness personified

Briefly met a little girl named Rory today and was completely won over by her smile and cheery demeanor. There aren't a lot of little girls in my family, what with AJ, Ethan, Tristan, Leo, Daji, Matty, Kinji, and Kian. Just Gabi, who is growing so quickly (and is eerily very similar to her Auntie Joyce from the younger years...reading books in the corner at parties, spacing out in front of the tv, moving at ridiculously slow paces and annoying her mother in the process)... so it was such a delight to hang with a cute little baby, bundled up in pink and just cooing like I'm the most interesting strange lady in the world. :)

Such a bright spot to my day with all that's going on right now...

-- 自分のiPhoneから発送する

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