Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 292: a random picture for a random night

Oscar the Grouch's picture right behind a dumpster. Nice. He doesn't at all describe the night Jeff and I had. Just a random picture to match the mood of the evening...

Jeff and I celebrated our two month anniversary last night (I know! It's only been two months! We say all the time that it feels longer than that, probably because I made him wait to date me for an obscene amount of time! But that's neither here nor there in this story. lol)

Aaaanyway. We decided to go to The Park on 10th Avenue for dinner because the place looked nice and the food sounded good. So we got dressed up and went to dinner. The Park was pretty cool looking on the inside, and the food was decent enough, but our waiter was lame and took too long and when I finally said something about it at the end of the night when he made us wait thirty minutes after having given us the dessert menu, he apologized and cut our bill in half. (That's probably the nicest thing anyone in the food industry has ever done after I've complained about crappy service, so he ended up getting a tip anyway) After finally paying and leaving, we started our (what ultimately ended up being a very long) walk home, we both went in search of dessert in the form of hot fudge sundaes. We must have passed three or so diners without any of them having hot fudge before we finally ended up at McDonalds on Waverly and Boradway where some random ass dude was trying to plug his 20 inch old ass fat tv into an outlet on the counters where customers can charge their phones or their laptops because he wanted to watch something. They told him he couldn't put it on the counter so he set it on the stool only to be disappointed at the fact that there was no cable offered at McDonalds. THEN we tried taking the train back but missed the last one, took random just-the-two-of-us pictures before giving up on the train and going back up to take a cab home where we gave directions to a British couple trying to make their way back to 103rd street only to realize a minute later that I gave them the wrong directions and had Jeff chase after them to give them the right ones (we had a nice ten minute conversation) and THEN we went to get some cash at the nearby gas station (which I think is the one in Zoolander where all his model friends die in the gas fire/explosion) so we can afford to catch a cab except we couldn't seem to get one when a limo pulls up and says, "trying to catch a cab? take a limo!" and so we did. Take a limo back for ten bucks. Which I later figured may not have been a good idea on account of the fact that we were riding in a limo into my ghetto neighborhood and stopping in front of the shady deli where all the crackpots hang out. Nice. Oh well.

See? Told you it was random. :)

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