Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2: last night together

Staycation with Jeff has been so nice. We finally got to spend our first Christmas and New Years together and it was suuuper nice. :)

The crappy part is that until we are married, we gotta get separated again. :(


Today we made up for the fact that all we did these last 12 days was eat and sleep. We finally went ice skating! Yay!

...we only lasted 30 minutes before wanting to die and giving up though. Lol

And we didn't get any pics on the ice because Jeff didn't wanna chance getting kicked out of the rink even though we were on our way out. Lol

Sooo instead we walked right by where we first met. It'll be the last time we get to go there together for a while. :(

But yay photo op! :)

Can't wait to get to wake up next to him every day. :)

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