Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 170: skype date with my parents

So my parents had a skype date with Jeff (I find it hilariously cute that my mom and dad had a skype date not with me, but with Jeff...), and while they were waiting for him to call, my dad, not realizing what time it was, saw me online and thought that meant I was actually up and at my computer so he decided he'd call 5 in the morning. Lol

I hardly ever skype with my parents because of the time difference, so I thought I'd stay on until Jeff was supposed to call at 540... But the Internet was down and he couldn't skype them so I ended up spending the next hour or so helping my parents set up gchat to talk to him and then watching them as they chatted with him. It was soooo cute how my dad dictated the words and my mom typed...all so they can get to know their future son-in-law...

It's new territory for my parents, this inability to meet the man their child is going to marry...but I appreciate the effort they're making to get to know him somehow and how Jeff will gladly makes me realize how much love I have in my's not an easy situation, but they're both trying and that means the world to me..:)

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