Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 160: my first check

...For Love and Sunshine!

I made my first real sale weeks ago to my manager for a last minute mother's day present but this was an actual order placed by a friend in San Francisco and she sent me my first check! I waited a week or so to cash it until I was almost done with the's crazy to think I'm getting paid to make purses! It makes it real and kind of scary! I work really hard to do a good job and make something I'm proud of, but I'm also really scared to put myself out there. I guess I'm just more of a perfectionist than I thought.

I just hope that all my customers know (both current and potential) that I spend hours at my table thinking about the outcome of their purses and that I care very much about making purses that they will love. :)

-- iPhoneから送信

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