Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 58: completely unprepared

Don't know if you can't tell, but this is the look of panic on my face at seven in the morning right before my annual MS Climb to the Top event where we walk up the 66 flights of stairs in the Rockefeller Center to raise money for the MS society... Why the panic, you ask? Probably because I'm soooo out of shape and have taken every opportunity to use the escalator everywhere. Lol

But I did it! I always do it. Sometimes you think about how tedious it is to climb up some stairs (especially so early in the morning) and goodness knows I love elevators and anything to make my life easier; but every year, this event reminds me of all the blessings I have in life that I shouldn't take for granted. And if my ass hurts a little for me to remember that, well... Small price to pay!

Until next year... Maybe I'll be in better shape..! Lol key word: MAYBE!

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