Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 265: Just a blur

That's how I feel sometimes. About life in general. I used to say that, you know. Life is a blur of fast you don't know you're flying.

I've been terrible at posting the day I take the pictures, so I'm like, three days behind! Massive backblog to occur tonight! Gahhhh

I guess I've been too busy breezing through the days to be so artsy or contemplative. I suppose that's what happens when you've started dating. Even worse when it's long distance dating (yes, I know, again...haha) and the line between trying to have a life and making time for each other is so thin and all of a sudden, photoblogging takes a backseat....

I still take at least one picture every day, but I've been half assing it as of late. Sigh. Sometimes I will get a rare stroke of awesomeness in between all the mundane, random shots, but I feel those are so much fewer and farther in between. Must work on that. I have less than a hundred days left to go!!!

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