Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 264: an evening with The Swellers

The Swellers were in town and Brandon asked me at the last minute to see their show at Webster Hall! I find it funny/coincidental that I just so happened to be wearing the exact same dress I was wearing when I first saw them last year AND I had on my Swellers hoodie too! I was Sweller-ready and I didn't even know it! Yay!

As a quick backstory, I became a fan last year when Brandon took me to see them. Brandon grew up with Ryan, who plays guitar, and since signing with their label, have come to NY a bunch of times on tour with different bands...Paramore, Less Than Jake, on the Warped Tour... Whenever they come to town, Ryan calls Brandon and I get to tag along from time to time. Yay! It's crazy to know bonafide rockstars!

Anyway, was super stoked since this time, we'd be upfront instead of backstage and I'd actually know their songs this time around. Yay!

They're super sweet guys too. I was feeling a little dizzy after they played their set (combination of giving blood earlier in the day, not eating then scarfing a happy meal in the time it takes to do a three block walk, and then rocking hard by the amp) so I was a party pooper who sat in the backroom by the bathroom and even though they didn't have to, Brandon, Ryan and Anto (the bass player) all came by to hang out/check on me. They give hugs too! But they make sure they're not gross and sweaty when they do it! Hahah

Dizziness aside, made for an awesome night.

Yayyyy The Swellers!!

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