Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 138: The influence of Stad

If you're wondering what that is, it's orange flavored skittles in the trashcan at work. I was eating a bag and picked out all the orange ones and threw them out. Why, you ask? Because of Stad.

Stad's been my friend for almost half a lifetime already and for as long as I've known her, she's always hated orange (the flavor. I don't know how she feels about the color). The kids in our geometry class used to tease her every now and then by throwing an orange around the room and I think once, a group of us paid her to eat some orange gummies. Sheer torture for her. Once, she asked me to share some Starbursts with her and I told her I'd only give her the orange ones and then she punched me in the arm. Hahaha

Anyway. Somehow, I picked up the habit of excluding orange from stuff. I'm not completely appalled by orange, but I also don't care for it either so... Maybe I just do it now because I miss her...!

-- 自分のiPhoneから発送する

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