Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 131: Monotony = self portrait

Some days, it's so easy to whip out the camera and take a crap ton of pictures... but days like today--regular work days--make it so hard to do so. I get so caught up in getting through a day at the office that I forget to even bother taking any pictures at all. I really need to remember that stuff....

Things are about to get busier starting this week. Tomorrow night, I have Bollywood Basics class (yay!..yes, I'm still doing it, it's too much fun to quit!!) because I now have a second job starting this weekend which means no more Saturday class (boooooo!>.<) but also means I get to make a little extra moneys!! awhoohoo!!!

Anyway, hopefully, with all that flurry of activity, maybe I will make for more interesting photos.

Until then... self portrait time!

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