Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1: And so it begins again...

2010 is over and a new year has begun... for better or worse, I've gotten used to taking a picture every day and I think I'd feel soooo weird if I didn't try for a daily photoblog again this year. Especially since, as much as I've learned and grown in the past year, I did not really keep to my rules. I gave up on documenting my meetings with strangers (for the most part), forgot to do weekly self portraits, and I missed a day! (oh Day 283, I'm so sorry!!!) Haha I mean, the purpose of this was to learn to see beauty and live life and figure out how to be happy on my own and I think that while I have achieved a measure of that, there is still so much to learn and do. So I'm trying again this year. I do have a small list of resolutions on the side (dance more, stay healthy, learn to sew, save moneys), but much like I figured about this blog last year, committing to posting will enable more growth and activity and life and will encompass all my other resolutions only rule this year is that I post every day...

And soo we begin again. Day one! :)

My new year's day lasted about 40 hours, so I thought that because I had to endure what is probably the longest day ever (well, maybe it could have been even longer if I stayed on the West Coast) I could post TWO pictures. One from my new year in Australia, and one from my new year here in New York. No one said I couldn't make up my own rules... :)

Midnight struck in Melbourne, and I got to be one of the first in the world to ring in 2011 with my family. We all rushed out 30 seconds to midnight to yell and bang drums and light sparklers to celebrate the new year.... It's been years since I got to spend the New Year with my family, and though it was all a flurry of activity in which I only recall hugging and kissing my parents and a few aunts and uncles, it was nice to be surrounded by family... Though I started 2010 with such hope, I was not without sorrow when I ended 2009, and it was such bliss to end 2010 and begin 2011 with such joy.

A few short hours later, I had to quietly say goodbye to my family and start my trip back to NYC... :( It's difficult to separate yourself from family when your lives have always been so intertwined that getting together even after long periods of time is effortless. I hate that I'm in a different hemisphere from my whole family and long for days when it didn't take so much time and money and energy just to spend some time together...

It was a rough trip home, first reconfiguring my luggage to fit in some of my parents' excess baggage, and then killing some time on my own at the Melbourne Airport before passing out entirely on the flight to Brisbane then sitting uncomfortably in the last row of the plane for my flight to LA and then FINALLY getting through customs, baggage claim and every other obstacle imaginable trying to catch my flight to JFK... On the bright side, the man sitting next to me was very nice and he let me know that Hugh Jackman was on my flight...!! (Taller than I thought, and super jacked!!!)

At least I got to end my very long day with Luca, who I have not seen in a few months since he moved to Vancouver for Film School. It was so good to chill and have some Chinese-Hispanic food (what is better than being able to have Maduros--sweet plantains, so good-- with your green pepper steak with onion and pork fried rice??) then come back and watch Kindergarten Cop just because we can! He's now peacefully (though congestedly) asleep on my couch outside amidst all my luggages.

After our dinner, the waitress gave us fortune cookies and we thought this "fortune" (really just a nice bit of advice) was quite fitting for the new year:

It summed up 2010 for me quite well, and is the sort of positive perspective I hope to keep continuing this year... There is a certain amount of luck brought into our lives to make it good, but we are the catalysts for making life amazing.

I know 2011 will be a good year, because I plan on making it so!

Happy New Year! Fill your life with love, laughter, learning and lots of chaos!

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